Skills To Pay The Bills

Systems For Monetary Success

Condensed Cutting

Cutting Systems To Save Time

Color Schematics

For Easy Editorial And Commercial Looks.

Art Of The Upgrade

Create A Vision For Your Guests Future

Tool Magic From Platform Pros

Tips, Tricks And Techniques To Create A Magical Guest Experience

Secrets Of Making People A More Beautiful Version Of Themselves

Combining All Aspects Of Salon Work To Create The Ultimate Guest Experience

Our classes have been refined from our in-salon education series for over 12 years!

We have trained 100’s of successful hairdressers worldwide. These stylist have taken the knowledge of Lenny’s experience, and taken their art to new levels for Managers, Platform Artists, Salon Owners and Salon Specialists.

Our systems were derived from Vidal Sassoon (Mechanics of Discipline)  Paul Mitchell (Art, Business and Culture) Trevor Sorbie (Editorial and Platform).

Tips tricks and magic, from industry pros such as Lenny’s mentors of Color-cutting, Scot Cole and Linda Yodice.

Our classes are hosted by Lenny King Master Associate of JPMS, 30 year platform veteran and salon owner.

Each and every class will leave you motivated, inspired and eager to utilize your skills to a whole new potential!


Spring Color Painting Workshop April 15th 2019

With Master Associate Lenny King
Monday April 15th
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